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Classic Technique X-Country | Sjusjøen

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Book private ski lessons in Classic Technique for you who has experience with X-Country skiing.

Our high skilled instructors are ready to help you. We offer private lessons cause then the instructor can customize the lesson specifically to you.

After 2 lessons og 90 minutes you fell comfortable and you are aware of your energy resources and you look like an average Norwegian skier :)


Lesson types:

90 min PRIVATE lesson 



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-Only available lessons will show. If you don't find the type or time you want, please choose another day.

-For booking help, please click here to send an e-mail to us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

-Please book as early as possible!



You can rent ski equipment with us at Nordseter Fjellpark Service Centre or in Sport1 at Sjusjøen. Read more about ski rental here

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Sjusjøen Langrennsarena, Sjusjøen pihl 177, 2612 Sjusjøen
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Buss 501
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This activity is suited for:

Previous experienced with X-Country within the last 2 years.
Youth and Adults (minimum 13 years)

Personal gear needed:

Warm winter clothing OR active outdoor clothes if you want to go fast.

Gloves, hat, sunglasses / ski goggles

A little backpack is useful to bring extra clothing, drinks or food


Fitness level:

You don't need to be fit to go skiing, but of cause it's an advantage ;)


Exercises you can do before arrival:

Train you balance.

  • The better balance, the easier skiing. Use a balance board. Start on 2 feet. When that's easy, you start on 1 foot instead. When 1 foot is easy, you start on standing only on your toes.

Walking or running with poles

  • Walking or running with poles is very good training. Find some hilly terrain if possible.


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