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Skating Technique | Nordseter

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Book a private ski instruction in Skating Technique

Our good instructors are ready to help you. You get the most benefit from private tuition cause then the instructor can adapt the teaching to you and your needs/wishes.

After 2 lessons of 90 min, you are probably comfortable enough on the skis to explore "Winter Wonderland" on your own. If you want more lessons than 2, note in the comments how many lessons you have been doing so that the instructor can prepare.

90 min PRIVATE instruction

1. Press “Book Now" | 2. Select Date | 3. See available times | 4. Choose your lesson | 5. Fill in the number of people | 6. Fill in the required information field | 7. Follow the booking instructions.

-There are only available hours that will be displayed. If you cannot find the lesson or time you want, choose another day.
-For help with booking, call us or send an email.
-It is advisable to book as early as possible and mine. 13 hours before.

Ski rental
You can rent skis before the lesson. It is not necessary to pre-book outside high season but click here to read more about ski hire.

Inquire Booking

v/Nordseter Fjellpark Service Centre, Nordsetervegen 1361, 2618 Lillehammer

Paid Parking
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GPS coordinates: 61°10'58.2"N 10°37'08.6"E  |  61.182826, 10.619054


Bus 500

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This activity is suitable for:
-Young people aged 12 and over

Personal equipment you need:
- Warm winter clothes it's easy to move in. Woolen underwear is very smart and very comfortable.
-Ski gloves (preferably for cross-country skiing), hat, buff and sunglasses
-Smart to bring a small backpack for extra clothes, drinks and / or food.

Physical Form, requirements:
You do not have to be in good shape to do skiing, but of course it is an advantage to keep focused and have enough energy ;)

Training and Exercises you can do from home:
-Improve your balance
The better the balance, the easier you go skiing. Use a balance board. Begin on both feet, stand as long as possible. When it is easy to stand for 1 min, you can start training on one foot. And when it's easy to balance on one foot, you can start to balance on your toes.

-Walk or run with poles
Walking or running with poles is great exercise. Practice in hilly terrain if possible. It gives the best effect.


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